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Testimonial From Our Customers 

This works for people with AMD

Both my husband and I have Macular Degeneration, we have purchased many magnifying glasses and like this the best. The MagniPros magnifying len is big enough so we don't have to keep moving it to read, the 4 led lights are well disperse and bright, the slightly narrowed handle is comfortable to hold and it is not heavy. Really like the fact that it uses regular battery (3 AAA) so no need to keep special battery and also very easy to change the batteries. I will be ordering more to have one in each room.
By Helen Levy on December 8, 2015  
Great for bringing your world back into focus or for inquisitive minds
The MagniPros magnifier is actually a really great magnifying glass! Now I know usually a magnifying glass isn't something you would bother writing home about, much less a review right? But I have to tell you, I use this almost every single day, sometimes many times a day. I am quickly approaching the golden years and my eyesight seems to be failing me more and more, even beyond the point of glasses. Tiny print is not a friend of mine. Heck, even 10 and 12 font is not a friend of mine.
on April 1, 2016
Excellent Magnifier From MagniPros
I really like this magnifying glass from MagniPros. The magnifying glass is light weight so you can use it for longer periods of time without having to deal with fatigue in your arm and hand from holding it for prolonged periods of time. The magnifying area is 5" and it magnifys 3x. It is really a nice set-up.
on March 27, 2016
The MagniPros Reader Has Changed My Life!
I have just ordered my third handheld magnifier by Magnipros. I have macular degeneration and have tried multiple magnifiers with litle results until I tried the Magnipros one with four led lights. What a difference! I can now read articles in my morning paper, not just the headlines. I have bought this third one to keep in my new car, Now, I have one at the kitchen table for reading my morning newspaper or looking up recipes; one in my bedroom to finally read my subscriptions; and, now, one in my car for maps or emails on my LG phone. I often use my magnifier to assist me in reviewing my comments, such as this, where I cannot enlarge the print..
By Mal on February 21, 2016