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Los Angeles, California 

  • ✓ 2 OPTICAL GRADE INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES - Alternate between 2 progressively stronger distortion free magnifying lenses on the fly with just a simple snatch so you can have the right magnification for any task
  • ✓ 2 ULTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHTS - Two built-in energy-efficient LED lights designed to last 10,000 hours and provide a precise, uniform, and bright illumination under any condition
  • ✓ COMFORTABLE GRIP & LIGHTWEIGHT- Non-slip lightweight ergonomic handle weighs less than 3 oz, providing comfort for prolonged use, ideal for long reading time without tiring your hand.
  • ✓ PREMIUM MATERIALS - Manufactured using only genuine premium materials, the handle and lens are comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Rubber on the handle means no slip. On/off light for the LED is a simple easy to use switch.
  • ✓ 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY - Any issue with your magnifier? We will replace it for you right away under our no questions asked lifetime guarantee. Or are you simply not happy? We will refund your full purchase price even after Amazons return period has passed.

Magnifying Glass with LED Lights & 10X+5X Illuminated 2 Lens Set

SKU: 77375B
  • The Interchangeable 2 Lens Set For Any Task

    The large 3.5 inch 5X magnifying lens is considered ideal magnification for low vision individuals to read, while the 10X lens is perfect for jewelry appraisal, simply switch lenses depends on the situation, ex; electronic repair, and examining extremely small texts, images, and objects.

    The lenses are made with shatterproof optical lenses designed for hobbyists, professionals, seniors, people with low vision, and macular degeneration.

    Suffer from Macular Degeneration or a similar eye problem?
    This reading magnifier will help you beat Macular Degeneration and other eye conditions with ease, so reading is not holding your back anymore! 

    2 Ultra Bright LED Lights

    The handled is equipped with 2  LED lights which are energy efficient and designed to last 15,000+ hours. The lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries(NOT INCLUDED). 

    ​Use your magnifying glass at night or in those hard to reach dark places to easily illuminate in dim conditions. 


    The Best LED Reading Magnifier

    3.25 inch (83mm) lens: 5X zoom5X lens focal length: 4.5" above objects2 inch (50mm) lens: 10X zoom10X lens focal length: 2.3" above objects 2 Detachable magnifying lenses Each package comes with a cleaning cloth2 bright LED lightsRequires three AAA batteries (Not included)Can be used as a flashlight

    MagniPros magnifiers are the perfect companion to help you enjoy your morning paper, read prescriptions and enjoy day to day life again. We only use the best manufacturing methods, strict testing and quality control to ensure your magnifiers are delivered in perfectcondition

    Crystal Clear Image Quality

    No more struggling to read the tiny print on those coupons and pill prescriptions. Now you can read everything in perfect clarity. Stamp collections, watch repair and inspecting jewellery is now crystal clear under the premium quality lenses

    Shockproof Design

    Shatterproof magnifying lens with shockproof frame to make sure that the lenses will not be easily broken or damaged upone accidental drop, so it's completely safe to use for children and seniors. 

    • 30 Day Return Policy 
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • 12 Month Warranty on all products