LARGE & WIDE HORIZONTAL MAGNIFYING LENS: Deluxe Framed Page Magnifier (Flexible Sheet Magnifier)


BLACK FRAME: A 'soft-touch' frame for positioning and comfort.


PAGE MAGNIFIER: Ideal for reading small print, and maps. You can see most of the page whthout moving the magnifier.


★ PVC FULL PAGE PLASTIC: Flexible vinyl frame magnifying glass Fresnel Magnifying Sheet.

Full Page Magnifier Black Frame-Durable Fresnel Lens 3X Magnification

SKU: 202F
    • Magnifies up to 3X(300%)
    • Size is 305mm x 194mm
    • Viewing area measures 223mm x 160mm 
    • Origin: Taiwan
  • Full page magnifier helps reduce eyestrain and makes it easier to read small print