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Los Angeles, California 

  • ▶CRYSTAL CLEAR IMAGE: This optical glass dome is free of any marks or engravings providing you with clear and obstruction free magnification. You will see the magnified text clearly and without distortion.
  • ▶ HANDS-FREE GLIDE EFFORTLESSLY: You don't have to hold it in your hand! Just place the magnifying crystal dome on top of your book, newspaper, magazine, map or catalog and effortlessly slide along the surface for reading.
  • ▶ MOST COMFORTABLE MAGNIFICATION FOR READING:This dome magnifier can magnify small prints up to 400% which is considered the most comfortable magnificaiton for your eyes in terms of reading small prints.
  • ▶BONUS POLISHING POUCH: Each package comes with a polishing pouch for you to store when not in use, you can use that to clean the dome magnifier before each use for optimal magnifying result

4X Magnifying Glass Dome Crystal Clear Easy to Glide Paperweight 2.5" Dome

SKU: 626
  • ✓Premium Quality Magnifying Dome
    Made with clear optical grade SHATTER-PROOF Acrylic material designed for seniors, hobbyists, professionals, and people with low vision.

    ✓ Perfect Magnification for Reading Small Prints
    Magnifies up to 4X (400%) is considered the most comfortable magnification for reading documents, maps and small prints.

    ✓ Effortless Glide Paperweight Dome
    Self-focusing light gathering design, Glides effortlessly across any surface.

    ✓ Bring it When You Travel
    The compact size and lightweight design can be easily carried and traveled to anywhere you like. 

    ✓ Comes with Bonus Polishing Pouch

    Polishing pouch for you to clean the surface of this dome magnifier before each use for optimal result.

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    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • 12 Month Warranty on all products