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Los Angeles, California 

  • ★ RECTANGULAR SHAPES THE WAY YOU NATURALLY READ: The rectangular lens is especially design to simulate the way we naturally view things from left to right, the magnifying lens covers large viewing area without having your hands move all the time, lens is measured 4.35"x 2.7" and magnifies up to 300%.
  • ★ CRYSTAL CLEAR ACRYLIC LENS: Made out of optical grade acrylic which is lighter and more scratch-resistant & shatterproof than glass while provides the same clarity level. Magnifies up to 3x(300%) without optical distortion. Optimal to enhance reading and viewing very fine details in books, newspapers, magazines, photographs, maps, electronics, miniatures, jewelry, pill bottles, medications, hobbies, models, and crafts of all kinds.
  • ★REDUCE EYE STRAIN & DIMMABLE LIGHTING : This led magnifier is clinically proven to be ideal for anyone who strains their eyes to see words on a page because it magnifies and provides light without glare. The roller dimmer allows you to easily adjust the brightness level(peaks at 600 lumens) with the tap of a finger to achieve the perfect lighting for various tasks.
  • ★ LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Thanks to the special design premium lighter lens it only weighs 6.5oz, in addition, the handle of this LED magnifier is ergonomically designed to grip/hold comfortable for most hands, making it ideal for anyone who loves to read for longer period of time.
  • ★ 10 ENERGY EFFICIENT & LONG LASTING SMD LEDs: Our SMD LEDs are powered by 3 AAA batteries(Not included) and are designed to last more than 100,000 hour. They provide more evenly lit viewing area, our LED lighting will last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating. Save money and energy while enjoying long lasting bright light.

3X(300%) Magnifying Glass with 10 Anti-Glare Dimmable LEDs

  • Specifications of This Rectangular LED Magnifier:

    • Large Viewing area(magnifying lens) is measured 4.35" x 2.5"
    • Magnification: Magnifies up to 3X(300%) in HD quality
    • Adjustable brightness levels from 0% to 100% which is controlled by dimmer switch
    • Brightness level peaks at 600 Lumens - Brightest led magnifier on the market
    • Lightweight Design- Only weighs 5 oz(without batteries)
    • 10 Energy Efficient Ultra Bright LED lights- Provides evenly lit viewing area without glare to your eyes
    • Type of LED lights: SMD LED lights which are designed to last for 100,000+ hours---> More than 20 years without burning out or overheating.
    • Powered by 3 AAA batteries(NOT included)
    • Comes with 1 Lens cleaning cloth & 1 Storage pouch
    • Premium unbreakable & non-toxic ABS, lens is made out of optical grade acrylic.
    • Alternative use: flashlight

    Comfortable to Hold Weight is evenly distributed. At 6.5 oz, it's one of the lightest LED magnifier for its size - no more arm fatigue!

    Tough Construction Portable and tough enough to take with you wherever you go. The durable construction of the lens and sturdy handle means even kids can use it safely for science experiments.

    Large Rectangular Crystal Clear Magnifying Lens

    Simulates the Way We Naturally Read from Left to Right

    Magnifying lens is made of scratch resistant & shatterproof acrylic which is lighter and more shatter-resistant than glass lens while provides the same clarity level.

    The orientation of the lens shapes the way we naturally read, it is perfect for those who love to read with deteriorating eye conditions.

    The rectangular lens covers large viewing area which minimizes your hand movement to reposition magnifier all the time as opposed to most of other smaller magnifiers.

    Illuminated to ANY Brightness Level at Your Finger Tip

    • Equipped with 10 DIMMABLE & Energy-Efficient SMD LED lightsbuilt surrounded the frame, which provides more evenly lit viewing area, brightness can be adjusted from 0% to 100% with knob switch.
    • Don’t wake your partner reading with the lights on at night anymore. The built in, stylish, energy efficient LED lights put out the perfect amount of light when you need to read or work in the dark.
    • The Brightness level peaks at 600 Lumens making it the brightest handheld magnifying glass on the market.

    30% Brighter & Consume 50% Less Energy Than Traditional LEDs

    • These SMD LED lights are 30% brighter than traditional LEDs while consume 50% less power/energy, therefore, a new set of batteries will last twice longer.
    • The 10 Dimmable LEDs are designed to last 100,000+ hours and powered by 3 AAA batteries(NOT INCLUDED), ideal for long reading time due to it's lightweight. 
    • These LEDs can last for more than 20 years without Burning out or Overheating.
    • The Brightness level peaks at 600 Lumens making it the BRIGHTEST handheld magnifying glass on the market.

    Provides More Evenly Lit Viewing Area

    Our patented technology semi-transparent reflector which covers all the LEDs in the back of magnifier prevents glare to your eyes, and in the meantime directs lighting onto designated area which in turn creates more evenly lit viewing area for reading in dim condition.

    Bonus Storage Pouch & Cleaning Cloth

    Each set comes with a premium storage pouch for you to store your reading magnifier when not in use and a Cleaning cloth to wipe out any dirt before use.

    Warm Tip: Put the led reading magnifier in storage pouch to avoid accidental scratches and dirty to the lens.

    • 30 Day Return Policy 
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • 12 Month Warranty on all products