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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dealer/Distributor for MagniPros products.  We continuously have helped our Dealers & Distributors grow in the past years.  Now, we are one of the top brands on major E-Commerce marketplaces in the Low Vision Aids Industry.

General Requirements for our Dealers

  • A Resale Certificate must be submitted along with the Dealer Application.

  • MagniPros requires a minimum of two trade references to open a new account.

  • Consent from MagniPros required for webshop and online marketplace sales.

  • There is an Annual Minimum Volume requirement to renew net 30 accounts of $2,500.

  • Federal Tax ID Number must be provided to MagniPros.

  • The retailer must have a physical business location

  • Must have a stand-alone website with a dedicated URL.

  • The Individual Minimum order is $250

Please proceed to the following steps if you meet these requirements...

Wholesale/Dealer/Distributor Application Form

1. Please download the Dealer Application PDF.  Once completed, please fax or email the completed form to us and our sales team will contact you as soon as we receive your request.  The whole process will take up to 48 hours once you submit the application .  

2. Please download our Dealer Order Form.  Please indicate the item number and quantity.  We will confirm with you again upon receiving the order form. 


3.  A Resale Certificate must be submitted along with the Dealer Application. 

4.  A Federal Tax ID number must be provided to MagniPros Inc.

For more questions or concerns, please contact us directly at sales@magnipros.com or call our toll free: 1.888.507.8962 (Mon-Fri 9am-530pm)